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Three on three basketball rocks homecoming week

Language arts teacher Phillip Albonetti dribbles toward the basket at the three on three basketball tournament Tuesday night.

Andrew Haughey, Reporter

September 27, 2019

Homecoming week festivities started this week after the dance on Saturday, September 26. One such of these festivities was a three on three basketball tournament for both students and teachers to participate in. This event featured six teams, one of which was entirely teachers. The teachers, consi...

Women and sports broadcasting

1999 FIFA Women's World Cup Hero Brandi Chastain doing an interview during a 2003 FIFA Women's World Cup Game

Ben Rosen, Reporter

September 4, 2019

Beth Mowins and Jessica Mendoza are the only two prominent female sports broadcasters that I can think of that do onsite play by play or color commentary of a sporting event. That number not including sideline reporters. Both Mowins and Mendoza work for ESPN. This should change. There needs to be more...

FHS kicks off football season with victory

FHS football player averts  North Central football player while they run the end zone.

Andrew Haughey, Reporter

August 29, 2019

FHS opened up their varsity football season with a 26-0 blowout win on August evening. The matchup against the Tigers and the North Central Panthers in the Horseshoe Classic began the season for both teams. The game, at Lucas Oil Stadium, featured a first half in which the Tigers scored all of their...

Boys baseball goes against HSE for Mudsock game

Senior Jack Minns pitches the ball on April 4 against Zionsville at an away game.

Rebekah Schultz, Reporter

April 28, 2019

FHS and HSE faced each other again for boys baseball last Friday and Saturday. The Thursday game was postponed because of the rain. The first two games are for both schools’ conference record while the third game is a non-conference game that can be used to see who won the series. “We have...

Away game recap: Baseball takes loss to Zionsville

Players rest in the FHS dugout on April 26, 2018.

Tony Martinez, Reporter

April 10, 2019

Fresh cut grass, newly painted base lines and the crack of the bat as the Tigers take batting practice before game two of a series against Zionsville. Starting pitcher for the Tigers was Junior Anthony Castallani. This was Castallani’s first year starting as a varsity pitcher, so tensions were ...

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