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The controversy behind controversy

An FHS swimmer swims the butterfly stroke in the FHS natatorium.

Grace Mossing, Reporter

February 26, 2019

I am done. I have heard and experienced my limit of controversy, knowing that it could have been avoided. After seeing our recent drama being picked up by the Indy Star and USA Today, I felt compelled to offer perspective of the situation. My question is why do people not divert from impending disas...

Jocelyn single falls flat

Jocelyn single falls flat

Rebekah Shultz, Reporter

February 25, 2019

'Speaking out about bullying' and turning the negatives into positives is what artist Jocelyn has done in her new single “Speak Up.” Overall, the pop song sends a cute message which speaks about standing up to bullies and harassment. Jocelyn made a very good message through the song, despite be...

Capstone students face challenges, new changes (testimonial)

The special AP Research passes allow all students taking the class to access the library, CCA and other academic areas on their independent work days. Photo by Samuel Bauer.

Sam Bauer, Reporter

February 10, 2019

Doors close once again. Another day, another semester….and another AP Capstone teacher arrives. I have been a part of the AP Capstone program for two years. AP Capstone is an optional diploma offered at the school, and consists of two classes that students will participate in, being AP Seminar and AP ...

Virginia scandals arise in response to political campaigning

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring makes one of his first appearances in his office in 2014, where he has served for the last five years.

Andrew Bauer, Reporter

February 10, 2019

Political scandals have arisen in Virginia alongside the campaigning for political positions in the elections for governor in 2021. Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, and Governor Ralph Northam have been in the news for bearing “black face” costumes. Herring admitted to wearing brown makeu...

Masculinity Mayhem: Gillette ad causes controversy

The recent Gillette ad depicts a man comforting an upset boy on the street.

Marie Gabbard, Reporter

January 20, 2019

Masculinity and kindness are not mutually exclusive. On Monday, January 14 Gillette released an ad encouraging men to be kinder to people with the slogan “men to be their best.” People were outraged, the video currently has over 20 million views with 549k thousand likes and one million dislikes on...

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