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Blood drive to help local hospitals moves offsite

Previous FHS alumni donates blood during blood drive on Sep. 2016.

John Yun, Web/News Editor

April 27, 2020

Since 2006, FHS has been hosting a blood drive each semester. However, due to the coronavirus, the next blood drive will be offsite at the Delaware Township Community Center on April 29. The blood from the blood drive will be going to local hospitals in central Indiana, according to science teacher Ta...

Students address emotional health as isolation continues

Junior Natalie Bryan does yoga on her back porch to give herself fresh air and a break from working on school work.

Grace Mossing, Reporter

April 23, 2020

Quarantine started about six weeks ago, and ever since then people across the world have been focusing on their health. They have been washing their hands, staying at home to flatten the curve and avoiding regular activities.  Being put in isolation for six weeks now, though, puts a toll on individuals...

Xenophobia uprising after corona outbreak

Singapore student, Jonathan Mok, beaten by a group of males in London.

Hayley Brown, Reporter

March 31, 2020

Coronavirus is platformed across many media platforms, receiving hours of news coverage. By March 11, around 81,000 cases in China were verified by authorities. In the last few weeks, the epidemic turned into a pandemic, spreading internationally. Now, countries such as Italy and Spain are in lockdown....

Prices skyrocket for essentials amid pandemic

Screenshot of the price of hand sanitizer skyrocketing on Amazon.

Rebekah Shultz, Social Media/Unity Director

March 30, 2020

Grocery stores are urging customers to not hoard groceries in their homes and to not buy more than they need, according to President Trump’s recent press conference held on March 15. Many grocery stores like Kroger and Costco are now only allowing customers to buy two packs of water bottles, and two...

Pro sports seasons suspended, students upset

Junior Andrew Feuerstine watches clips of his favorite college basketball moments on Mar. 25 since the tournament was canceled.

Riley Gearhart, Reporter

March 26, 2020

The coronavirus has taken its toll on all of us. Some students are upset about eLearning, others are upset about not getting to see their friends. However, some students have been more disappointed in the fact that professional sports leagues have suspended their seasons. These suspensions have been...

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