Roberts, Foulke Soar With Project Pigasus

Juniors Whitney Roberts and Cinder Foulke discuss their future projects following the success of their Project Pigasus script on March 6. Picture by Sydney Greenwood.
Juniors Whitney Roberts and Cinder Foulke won Project Pigasus, a screenwriting competition across the state of Indiana, with their original screenplay.

Project Pigasus is sponsored by Pigasus Pictures, an Indiana-based production company that aims to inspire a new generation of filmmakers.  Roberts first heard about the competition from her mother, who had been watching the news, and decided to recruit Foulke for the project.

“Now I had written scripts in the past before by myself and they came out kind of cheesy.  I needed to balance my writing ability with someone at a more mature level, so I dragged in Cinder,” Roberts said.

Roberts and Foulke wrote the script in under a month.  Their screenplay tells the story of two teenage boys who are entering college and the effects that it has on their relationship.

“At the time we were writing it, I was kind of going through my own struggle of looking through colleges and thinking about the future, so it kind of stemmed from both of our stress levels on college,” Roberts said.

Roberts’s favorite part of the project was being surprised by WTHR, but Foulke’s was creating a video about themselves in order to enter the competition.  The video was supposed to give information about Foulke and Roberts and the script they created.

“We spent at least an hour just goofing off and we barely ended up with 5 minutes,” Foulke said.

Since Roberts plans to pursue a career in the film industry, she says that Project Pigasus has allowed her to gain experience for her future job.  According to Foulke, while she is not sure about what she wants to do yet, the competition gave her insight into her own abilities. According to the Indianapolis Star, Roberts and Foulke will be on the set while their screenplay is filmed.

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