Tiger Topics N the Red

2019-2020 Staff

Ellie Albin


Ellie Albin is editor-in-chief and a senior. She loves blue raspberry Jolly Ranchers, reading, and history.

John Yun

Web/News Editor

John Yun is the Web/News editor. He is Korean, and he loves to sing and dance. His favorite movie is “Avengers: Infinity War,” and his favorite restaurant is Chick-fil-A.

Ben McHenry

Features Editor

Ben McHenry is a senior and the features editor for N the Red, and this is his second year on staff. He loves rap music, video games and basketball and his favorite movie is The Dark Knight.

Kristen Rummel

Arts/Culture Editor

Arts and Culture editor Kristen Rummel is a sophomore and loves her family and friends. She's played sports like soccer, track, and cross country.

Nate Albin

Sports Editor

Nate Albin is the sophomore Sports Editor for FHS. Nate is a runner for FHS and loves Nerf Basketball.

Ben Grantonic

Web/News Assistant

Ben Grantonic is the Web/News Assistant. He enjoys history, cooking, and writing.

Rebekah Shultz

Social Media/Unity Director

Rebekah Shultz is the social media/unity director. She enjoys hanging out with her friends during her free time and play with her dog.

Hayley Brown


Meg Gibson


Fletcher Haltom


Fletcher Haltom is a sophomore reporter for N the Red. He enjoys Swedish Fish, English class, and watching sports.

Carter Hanefeld


Carter Hanefeld is a reporter. He is a member of the Fishers Speech/Debate program and We the People. He loves politics, history, and arguing.

Andrew Haughey


Andrew Haughey is a staff member of the FHS school newspaper Fishers N the Red. He enjoys long walks on the beach and has a bowling high score of 101.

Grace Mossing


Grace Mossing is a sophomore at Fishers High School, and this is her first year on staff. She loves diving, hanging out with friends, and traveling all over the place with family and friends.

Ben Rosen


Sophomore reporter Ben Rosen is a big sports fan and broadcaster. He also enjoys playing sports video games.

Sydney Territo


Sydney Territo is a sophomore news reporter. She dislikes small talk an awful lot, and enjoys rain, doodling, and rugby.

Lily Thomas


Lily Thomas is a reporter and a sophomore. She loves her dog, listening to music, and painting in her free time.

Emma Tomlinson


Emma Tomlinson is a sophomore writer for N the Red, and this is her first year on staff. She enjoys hiking, playing with her dogs, and listening to music.

Mason Gushwa


Mason is a junior and reporter for Fisher N The Red. He loves to cook and cake decor. He plays volleyball and participates in the Fishers Marching Band and Future Black Leaders of America.

Ben Hamilton


Ben Hamilton is a reporter and senior. He enjoys skipping the formalities and jumping straight into a conversation, likely providing very little background information. He also has a passion for smoothies.

Maria Galosi


Maria Galosi is a junior & journalist along with being a family-oriented person who loves crafts and sports.

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2019-2020 Staff