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2018-2019 Staff

Ben Grantonic

Web/News Assistant

Ben Grantonic is the Web/News Assistant. He enjoys history, cooking, and writing.

Kristen Rummel

Design Editor

Design editor Kristen Rummel is a junior and loves her family and friends. She's played sports like soccer, track, and cross country.

Andrew Bauer


An avid student, Andrew Bauer is a member of the Fisher High School N the Red Newspaper. He has been a member of sports, and academics over the course of his high school career. In college, he plans to pursue microbiology or immunology...

Marie Gabbard


Marie Gabbard is a first-year reporter and a senior on staff.

Laney Kyle


This is Laney's first year on staff as a videographer. She enjoys traveling, disney movies, and McDonald's sprite. She is excited to showcase her skills this school year through her videos!

Ashley Steele

Copy Editor

Ashley is the copy editor of the newspaper and is currently a senior. In her future, she wants to get a job that allows her to travel all around the world. Her dream jobs include author and computer programmer.

Sam Bauer


Samuel Bauer is a current senior. He is involved with sports, namely soccer, and academics, and has a passion for photography, film, and science which he hopes to pursue in the future.

Katie Wiseman


Katie Wiseman is a senior at Fishers High School and this is her first year on newspaper staff after taking photojournalism her sophomore year. In her free time she enjoys writing, taking pictures, and spending time with her friends...

Grace Mossing


Grace Mossing is a senior and Editor-in-Chief of N the Red. She loves traveling, being outdoors, diving, and hanging out with friends, and she is very excited for the year!

Carson Lilley

Arts & Culture Editor

This is Carson's second year on staff and first year as the Arts & Culture editor. She loves to read, write, and travel and is very excited for the year.

Curren Gauss


Curren Gauss is a senior at Fishers High School and while this is her first year on staff, she took journalism her junior year. Outside of the paper, you can find Curren performing either on stage or with the Fishers speech team.

Olivia Buchtenkirch


Olivia Buchtenkirch is a sophomore at FHS, and this is her first year on the news staff. She will be the cartoonist for the newspaper and is happy to share some of her art! She enjoys watching movies, listening to music, and anything...

Rebekah Shultz

Arts & Cultures Editor

Rebekah Shultz is a senior at Fishers High School. She enjoys baking, hanging with friends, and reading a good book. Her favorite subjects are English and History. ...

Janie VanOverwalle


Janie Vanoverwalle is a sophomore at Fishers High School. Its her first year on Newspaper,she enjoys doing creative works, hanging out with friends and hanging out with her dogs.

Tony Martinez


Tony Martinez is a first-year reporter and a senior.

Ben McHenry

Features Editor

Ben McHenry is a senior and the features editor for N the Red, and this is his second year on staff. He loves rap music, video games and basketball and his favorite movie is The Dark Knight.

Lance Marshall

Social Media Editor

Lance Marshall is the social media editor. He prefers writing about sports, and specializes in basketball games.

Nate Albin

Online Editor

Nate Albin is the junior online editor of the Fishers N The Red. He runs for FHS as well as serving as a student body officer. In his free time, Nate enjoys a cool glass of orange juice, watching The Price is Right and draining...

Ethan O’Sullivan

Web Editor

Ethan O'Sullivan is a third year writer on staff, and has served as the Web/News Editor for two years. He has a personal interest in data journalism and city developments.

John Yun

Web/News Editor

John Yun is the Web/News editor. He is Korean, and he loves to sing and dance. His favorite movie is “Avengers: Infinity War,” and his favorite restaurant is Chick-fil-A.

Ellie Albin


Ellie Albin is editor-in-chief and a senior. She loves blue raspberry Jolly Ranchers, reading, and history.

Helen Rummel


Helen is a senior and the Editor-in-Chief for N the Red news-magazine. She began writing her sophomore year and previously served as a reporter and features editor. Additional articles from Helen can be found in the Fishers Monthly...

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