Tiger Town Planners prepare for future dates

Freshman Sydney Suter laughs as she decorates her planner with stickers at Tiger Town Planners. Photo used with permission of Abigail Clone.
Stickers, stamps and markers, oh my! Tiger Town Planners is a club with all of this and more. The club’s next monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 15 at 3 p.m.

Members decorate their own planners however they choose. The club provides a list of upcoming holidays so that they can know which days of to focus on at club meetings. This club was put together to help students keep track of their schedules.

“I love hanging out with my friends at meetings because it allows us to write down important dates we want to remember, like birthdays,” vice president freshman Abigail Clone said.

The club was started to encourage and build on student’s organization skills.

“Planning successfully is a lifelong skill everybody needs,” Clone said. “This club allows people to build up that skill and have fun doing it.”

The club officers are senior Hanna Scholl as president, Clone as vice president, senior Maddie Kump as treasurer and freshman Cassie Reifeis as secretary.

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