Students create interactive projects for Cancer Gala

In biology on Feb. 15, freshman Samantha Geske works on her Prezi for the Cancer Gala. Photo by Zoie Soehngen.
Science classes, English classes, art classes and even history classes are joining together to create the displays for the Cancer Gala.

Students are making different types of interactive projects to teach gala attendees about cancer and how it can affect the body.

“They [students] have a presentation and the information but the idea is that people can walk around and interact with it,” science teacher Tyler Mills said. “Whether there are models or a game, or even a dance, they can learn the content through interaction.”

These projects also helped students learn more about cancer. Some types of cancers that students are learning about include liver, heart, brain, stomach and lung cancer.

“After doing this project, I knew a lot more about the symptoms and the signs of cancer. I also learned how to treat it before it got bad,” freshman Allie Gentry said.

Gentry and her group created a game that involves attendees getting into teams to compete against each other to learn more about abnormal cell cycle regulation.

Other exhibits that will be on display were made by photography classes. These projects will be showing what different types of cancer mean to different people.

The Cancer Gala will take place on March 3, from 4-6 p.m.

For more information on the Cancer Gala, click here.

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