Humans of Fishers: What are you most excited for student choice day?

Junior Liz Thompson talks about what she's excited about for student choice day. Photo by Reily Sanderson.

Student choice day is occurring on Friday and many students are excited about the classes they are taking, that are out of the norm. The event, organized by English teachers Kyle Goodwin, Ben Beasley and social studies teacher Micheal Gaines came from a discussion with students on what students felt like they needed to learn more about to be prepared for the real world. In this Humans of Fishers, students discuss what they are looking forward to.

  Transcript:  Junior Liz Thompson: “I’m most excited that we’re going to able to choose the classes that we want to take as stuff that is valuable to me instead of taking the basic math classes and English classes. That I can take something that I feel is worth my time and that I can use later in life.”

Senior Gabby Garcia: “I’m most excited that I get to choose my classes and these are things I’m actually interested in.”

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