Capitalistic societies take the magic out of holidays

The Menorah is used during Hanukkah to represent the eight nights where they thought they would run out of oil for their lamps and be in darkness. Photo courtesy of Scott.
Christmas, Easter, Halloween and now Hanukkah have been taken over by capitalism. Commercialization is everywhere, and no holiday is safe.

All of these holidays used to have meaning to people, but they have been blown up and exploited in get-rich-quick scams. During Christmas, the nation spends $465 billion, according to ABC news. Christmas has exploded into a commercial scam, an excuse to spend money and get fat.

Hanukkah has even been taken over by the capitalist spirit as well. The Hanukkah story is not even part of the original Torah; the story is from the Catholic bible, according to the Atlantic.

It was not originally a very important holiday for Jewish people. It was blown up by the Jewish people in America, according to the head Rabbi of the Reform Metropolitan Synagogue.

While there is little specific data, the National Retail Foundation did conclude that the average person spends around $800 during the holiday season. That data includes Jewish people shopping for Hanukkah gifts.

Hanukkah has also gained popularity from people who are not Jewish. They see it as an eight day present fest, which is where it will go if it follows the trend of capitalist scammers looking to make a dollar.

Holidays are meant to be celebrations. Each has its own special meaning, but people pervert them for money.  

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